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We do however love YouTube.com and Google.com

I happen to really enjoy watching documentaries - and I use YouTube.com to find them. It's an excellent source. I'm a web developer - so I put 2 and 2 together to come up with this website.

This is a simple website that serves a few purposes:

  • Provide links to documentaries - listed, tiled or you can browse
  • Stitch multiple videos of one documentary in order for you
  • Allow you to save documentaries to My Videos, so you may watch it later or again and again
  • You can subscribe to receive email notifications when new documentaries are listed - you can unsubscribe hassle-free, anytime
  • You can subscribe to our twitter account ( @ydocumentaries ) to get notified immediately when new documentaries are listed
There is no username or password for this website.

All videos on this website are hosted by YouTube.com. Therefore, videos that once worked on this site may not work if YouTube.com removes the source video.

The features on this website are provided to you free. I hope you tell your friends.


I created this website for myself, because I love watching documentaries. I add them to this website when I'm at the computer, then I watch them later on my phone or iPad.

So this helps me - and I hope it helps you.

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